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Love is the concern you see in your mother's eyes when she wishes out loud that she would be sick instead of you because that would hurt less for her, the warmth you feel when she stays up all night watching over you while your dad runs to the pharmacy at 3 in the morning. It's the moment you suddenly realize you miss that annoying middle school friend who followed you around everywhere, poking you incessantly and jabbering loudly about anime while you were trying to study. You realize that she genuinely cared about you. Love is those rare, unexpected moments when he gives you a quick, honest answer. It's the look he gives you after he kisses you that makes your eyes dart in another direction to stop you from melting. Love is watching your best friend's van pull out of your driveway. It hits you hard the next day when you realize that this time the van is taking her to Michigan, not back to 11932 Blanfield Drive. You never cry, but now as you remember meeting her for the first time eight years ago, you can't stop. Love is what eharmony tries to find for you. They don't understand that the truest kind of love forms unprovoked, unsearched for. It's slow to develop, and sometimes you know it's there the whole time, but other times, you don't see it until it hits you over the head. Love is not something you gossip about; it's unspoken. Love is patient, kind, forgiving, selfless, unbashful, courageous. Love is full of thought but requires none. It's what you and I live for.


hehe, niiice icon :)
Very true.
I like your definition. It doesn't go follow with everyone else's "Love is the feeling you get when ___." And the last bit is a total clincher.

Love it! :)
i love this post
I adore this.

April 2009

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